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Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

Cable sealings with individual solutions

Backstage - safety at fire protection behind the stage

During the construction of the Elbphilharmonie Hauff-Technik was involved from the planning stage in 2009 to the completion in 2016 with tailor made sealing and fire protection products. The requirements in the areas of scenario and stage direction technique were for cable partitions S90 in accordance to DIN 4102 part 9. When no cables are installed these are interlocked and will be continously opened for the event programme and individually occupied with different numbers of cables and HVS fire-stop pads. In each and every situation the fire protection safety has to be guaranteed. When the event programme is changing, trained technicians will bring the openings back to their original condition.

For this application fire protection tested special wall sleeves from Hauff-Technik were installed in the F90 fire-resisting walls as well as the HVS/HSS cabel fire protection system from Hauff-Technik, which allows an individual configuration of cables and always fullfills the requirements of the fire protection.