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QLD State Netball Stadium - Brisbane

Maintaining the integrity of waterproofing under a base slab

Electrical and data services enter the building via conduits passing through a core filled block wall with a membrane waterproofing into the Main Switchboard Room.

The challenge was maintaining the integrity of the waterproofing as once the services were connected through the wall, a slab would cover the ground above and would no longer be accessible.

Solution was for the client to arrange the wall to be waterproofed by the other contractor, then core-hole through the membrane for the required service entries. Hauff-Technik DFK Wall Flange was then drilled into the surrounds of the core-hole using water tight screws and added sealant. In just a couple of minutes Hauff Technik system cover was attached to the DFK or DG and KME Services connected the conduit to the system cover.