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Predictive by design Data Centre Infrastructure
Predictive by design
Data Centre Infrastructure

Data centres enable the processing and storage of large amounts of data. This makes them an essential part of digitalisation.They are critical to the smooth operation of modern businesses and organisations, supporting cloud services, compute-intensive applications and internet connectivity.

Scalability, reliability, data security and efficient use of resources must be guaranteed at all times. Hauff-Technik offers maintenance-free solutions for data centres, ensuring smooth operation.

Reliable Cable Entry System

Watertight from day one

For a watertightness up to 2.5 bar from day one, use the Hateflex150 with the HSI150 KMA which is equiped with a transparent blind cover. This allows watertight spare wall openings for future cable installations.

Maintenance free sealing solution

For a maintenance free cable entry system with a pressure-tightness up to 2.5 bar, use the Hateflex14150 cable duct hose. The connection to the building is via the HSI150 KMA and a cable sealing on the inside of the building with an HRD150 SG.