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Earthing entry

with terminal lug and cross-clamp


  • Patented twist resistance provided by special contour of contact washer
For installation flush with the formwork in waterproof concrete. Earthing connections can be made on the inside and outside with the thread on both sides in the conductor core. There is a tab with cross-clamp for making an earthing connection in the wall.


Application range:

  • Waterproof concrete stress class 1, Waterproof concrete stress class 2


  • Water barrier for tightness with concrete
  • Watertight connection thread on both sides (blind hole)
  • Resistant to corrosion

Scope of delivery:

  • Cross-clamp for connecting reinforcement/concrete-footing earth
  • Protective covers with 4 nail holes


  • Conductor core: round, ∅ 25 mm
  • Conductor core link: with M16 threaded bolt
  • Contact washer: Ø 72 mm
  • For wall thicknesses: 150 - 500 mm


  • Conductor core and contact washers: stainless steel V4A (AISI 316L)
  • Conductor core link: St37, galvanised
  • Water barrier: NBR
  • Protective cover: PE
  • Terminal lug with cross-clamp: St37


  • DIN 18014
  • DIN EN 62305-3
  • VDE 0185-305-3 (with lightning protection application)

Installation instructions

Data sheet & tender specification

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Also available in intermediate sizes in 10 mm increments.

Threaded boltWall thickness (mm)Order ref.Article no.GTIN
M12150HEA PK M12/15017000301504052487141963
M12160HEA PK M12/16017000301604052487168625
M12170HEA PK M12/17017000301704052487206068
M12180HEA PK M12/18017000301804052487206082
M12200HEA PK M12/20017000302004052487136532
M12240HEA PK M12/24017000302404052487136570
M12250HEA PK M12/25017000302504052487136587
M12300HEA PK M12/30017000303004052487136600
M12365HEA PK M12/36517000303654052487136617


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