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Sealing set

for corrugated pipes


This product has been marked in accordance with the FHRK test specification.
  • optical and tangible installation security due to integrated control opening
  • Patented ring clip technology keeps the closing pressure constant and uniform and prevents deformations
For sealing corrugated cable ducts and media pipes. The patented ring clips in the corrugated section prevent deformations and damage to the corrugated pipe and at the same time keep the closing pressure of the press seal uniform and constant. The insulation ring included in the scope of supply centres the corrugated pipe on the inside of the building and neatly finishes the wall connection.


Application range:

  • Standing seepage water, Pressurised water, Waterproof concrete stress class 1

Scope of delivery:

  • Standard press seal HSD
  • Stainless steel ring clips
  • Insulation ring, split


  • Sealing width: 40, 60 or 80 mm (depending on corrugated pipe)


  • Ring clips are produced according to the profile supplied by the manufacturer of the corrugated pipe


  • All metal parts: stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L)
  • Rubber seal: EPDM
  • Insulation ring: Styrodur (XPS)


  • Gastight and watertight

Installation instructions

Test reports

Data sheet & tender specification

For download of data sheet and tender specification please configurate the product in the section below and download via the symbol


Other sizes on request.

Wall sleeve/core drilled hole ID (mm)Nominal diameterOrder ref.Article no.
10063WRD100 1x63 b40 A2/EPDM551610100063
12563WRD125 1x63 b40 A2/EPDM551610125063
12575WRD125 1x75 b40 A2/EPDM551610125075
15075WRD150 1x75 b40 A2/EPDM551610150075
15090WRD150 1x90 b40 A2/EPDM551610150090
150110WRD150 1x110 b40 A2/EPDM551610150110
200110WRD200 1x110 b40 A2/EPDM551610200110
200125WRD200 1x125 b40 A2/EPDM551610200125
200160WRD200 1x160 b40 A2/EPDM551610200160