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Standard press seal

with infinitely super segmented ring technology


This product has been marked in accordance with the FHRK test specification.
  • optical and tangible installation security due to integrated control opening
  • Integrated super segmented ring technology for individual adjustment to cable diameter on site
  • Segments with exact diameter marking
For sealing new pipes to be installed or pipes that have already been laid in core drills or wall sleeves. Infinitely adjustable to cable diameters on site.


Application range:

  • DIN 18533 W1.1-E, DIN 18533 W1.2-E, DIN 18533 W2.1-E, DIN 18533 W2.2-E
  • Waterproof concrete stress class 1, Waterproof concrete stress class 2


  • Split as standard for retrofit installation
  • Different material combinations are available for tailor-made applications
  • Available from stock


  • Sealing width up to Ø 250 mm: 40 mm
  • Sealing width for Ø 300 mm: 50 mm


  • U-profile: maximum stability for press segments


  • Press plates, screws and nuts: rust-free stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L) or V4A (AISI 316L)
  • Rubber: EDPM or NBR


  • Gastight and watertight

Installation instructions

Test reports

Data sheet & tender specification

For download of data sheet and tender specification please configurate the product in the section below and download via the symbol


* not blind sealed as standard, blind seal is available as an optional accessory. Other designs in V4A (AISI 316L) and NBR on request.

Wall sleeve/core drilled hole ID (mm)​Suitable for medium pipe OD (mm)Packing unit (pieces)Order ref.Article no.GTIN
10018 – 6515HSD100 SSG 1x18-65 b40 A2/EPDM5530303000604052487223737
15070 – 11215HSD150 SSG 1x70-112 b40 A2/EPDM5530303000644052487223751
200110 – 16215HSD200 SSG 1x110-162 b40 A2/EPDM5530303000684052487223799
250159 – 2114HSD250 SSG 1x159-211 b40 A2/EPDM55*30303000724052487223805
300200 – 2524HSD300 SSG 1x200-252 b50 A2/EPDM55*30303000764052487223812
10018 – 651HSD100 SSG 1x18-65 b40 A2/EPDM5530303000604052487165655
15070 – 1121HSD150 SSG 1x70-112 b40 A2/EPDM5530303000644052487129015
200110 – 1621HSD200 SSG 1x110-162 b40 A2/EPDM5530303000684052487129022
250159 – 2111HSD250 SSG 1x159-211 b40 A2/EPDM5530303000724052487129374