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Stainless steel flange

for retrofit dowelling


For dowelling through existing recesses/break-throughs in walls or floor slabs.


Application range:

  • DIN 18533 W1.1-E, DIN 18533 W1.2-E, DIN 18533 W2.1-E
  • Waterproof concrete stress class 1, Waterproof concrete stress class 2


  • Tailor-made designs can also be produced
  • Also available with multiple entries and in a variety of diameters

Scope of delivery:

  • Stainless steel flange
  • Surface seal
  • Fastenings


  • Standard flange dimensions OD or □a equivalent to the corresponding wall sleeve ID + approx. 150 mm (for one entry; see the brochure for detailed information)
  • Standard upper length: 80 mm


  • Flange: stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L) or V4A (AlSI 316L)
  • Surface seal: EPDM
  • Fastenings: stainless steel V4A (AISI 316L)

Technical drawings

Installation instructions

Test reports

Data sheet & tender specification

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Wall sleeve/core drilled hole ID (mm)Optimal application range OD (mm)Max. possible application range ∅ (mm)Wall sleeve wall thickness (mm) SFlange standard dimensions (mm)Order ref.Article no.GTIN
800 – 500 – 562□ 170FA1x80/80/0 A209108200004052487021012
1000 – 630 – 762□ 185FA1x100/80/0 A209108300004052487021029
12563 – 900 – 1012□ 205FA1x125/80/0 A209108400004052487021036
15090 – 1120 – 1252□ 225FA1x150/80/0 A209108500004052487021043
200110 – 1620 – 1712Ø 350FA1x200/80/0 A209108700004052487021067
250160 – 2100 – 2142Ø 400FA1x250/80/0 A209108800004052487021081
300200 – 2250 – 2502Ø 450FA1x300/80/0 A209108900004052487021098
350225 – 2700 – 3103Ø 500FA1x350/80/0 A209108935004052487021104
400270 – 3200 – 3503Ø 550FA1x400/80/0 A209109000004052487021111


Number of pipes:1-5
Inner diameter of pipe sockets:mm

Stainless steel quality:

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