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We grow above ourselves

One year ago today, one of the largest projects in the company's history was officially opened: After only 18 months of construction work, a state-of-the-art logistics centre was built at the company headquarters in Hermaringen. 
The centrepiece is a centrally located small and fast automatic high rack for containers. This is where the individual order items are brought together between the picking and packing stations. All order items of a customer order are collected there and provided directly to the packing stations after completeness, synchronised in time.

Several hundred articles from all product ranges are available from stock. However, our customers do not have to do without individually tailored solutions. On the contrary, the special feature with the commissioning of the logistics centre is that Hauff-Technik, with the combination of logistics and production, guarantees its customers the shortest possible delivery times, not only for products in stock but also further on for products "Made for You".

Always. Reliable. Efficient.