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Here at Hauff-Technik, downtime isn't something we're familiar with. We're constantly developing our products further to make them better for you, our customers. You'll find the most important news about our range of products here.
Product news

Building Packages XL

Up to now, Hauff-Technik’s Building Package was only available for single and two-family houses, as the pipe cross-section was limited to a maximum of DN40 due to the size of the house inlet. With the new Building Packages XL, larger multi-family houses as well as industrial and …
Product news

HSI 150-DT – more safety through more transparency

The new closing cover HSI 150-DT being transparent offers the user more safety and makes water accumulated in the cable duct system visible. Through the possibility of connecting a discharge valve, the accumulated water can be drained in a controlled manner.
 HSI 150-DT

Product news

BWS Bellmouth Wall Sleeve – The Smart Wall Opening

The Bellmouth Wall Sleeve BWS is a multi-talent which outweighs the advantages of a conventional wall sleeve. Easy package building and wall thickness adjustment possible on site. It is pressure-tight right after concreting and the Bellmouth protects the cables from damage.

Mov …

Product news

GFH 30 – the new generation of future-proof fibre-optic building entries

The new GFH 30 draws on well-established technology while at the same time setting a new benchmark in terms of safety and flexibility.

GFH 30

Product news

AT 110 - the new radon-tight tundish

with step protection insert for concreting into the slab for optimum sealing to the waste water pipe and integrated level for positional alignment. No recesses or time-consuming reworking required.

Find out more about further benefits at: 

Product news

EGO, the new elastic sealant to optimise wall surfaces – now even better!

In order to improve the quality of our products on an ongoing basis and meet increasingly rigorous requirements, our developers and application technicians are constantly in search of new and better materials.

We have now extended our programme to include the new adhesive and …

Product news

HRD PV - testable tightness for greater reliability

Available now: The new individual press seal HRD PV with integrated test valve to test leakage without additional effort directly after installation and also for simple error search in the event of leakages.

Product news

The new individual press seal HRD 150/160-2SGi

with segmented ring technology

for use in wall insert and plastic flange HSI 150, for sealing various frequently recurring cable configurations.

The individual seal with segmented rings enables the cable diameter to be adjusted on site. A number of individual seals can be …