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Environmental and energy management

Sparing use of resources

Environmental protection is an essential element of our corporate policy. We are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental protection in our company and regard the sparing use of resources as an essential element of our business responsibility. With certification to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, we therefore highlight the importance of protecting our environment in the long term.

  • Energy efficiency/CO2 reduction
    When designing our company building, we considered energy efficiency and CO2 reduction right from the planning stage. We implemented a heating and cooling concept with heat recovery systems to end all reliance on external energy such as gas, oil, etc. We examine all new plant acquisitions for suitability for integration into our heating and cooling concept. (e.g. extrusion and laser cutting processes).

  • Waste
    All waste is disposed of or recycled in accordance with the Commercial Waste Ordinance by a certified company.

  • Handling of hazardous materials
    Our safety officer reviews and documents the handling of hazardous materials as well as their storage and use at regular intervals in accordance with the hazardous substances register.

  • Raw material input and use
    We make decisions about manufacturing methods and the materials used based on economic and environmental aspects. By doing so, we achieve targeted resource savings and waste prevention.

  • Packaging
    We make sure to consider the shortest possible transport routes when procuring our packaging so that it protects not only our products, but also the climate. We give priority in our decision-making process to regional and national suppliers. Our goal is to keep increasing the recycled content in our packaging materials.

  • REACH Regulation
    Compliance goes beyond excluding the use of prohibited substances to documenting compliance with the current laws in the EC safety data sheets. All our products are supplied in compliance with the REACH regulation. We regularly request the relevant data from our suppliers.

  • EcoVadis medal
    Sustainability is an important issue for us, and for our customers. In order to share our sustainability performance with our partners, we recently completed the EcoVadis questionnaire. Hauff-Technik was rewarded the silver medal, confirming our commitment to sustainability issues. Despite the good results however, we will continue to work on improving out sustainability practices.