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G-Box in new-build development at Riegele in Sontheim-Brenz

Fibre optic installation in Sontheim an der Brenz

G-Box in new-build development at Riegele in Sontheim-Brenz
At the new-build development in Sontheim-Brenz, the municipality requires that the fibre optic infrastructure be implemented in such manner that no excavation work or road closures are necessary for connection of the fibre optic network in the new-build development following completion of construction of the single-family houses. 
The pylon marker indicates the presence of G-Box, making it clearly visible within the new-build development. The additional lengths of fibre-optic cable can be stored under the pylon markers. 
The integrated termination point in the box enables simple storage of the pigtails and connection of the cable systems in the G-Box. It also serves as a measurement point for the distance between the G-Box and PD. 
The height can be variably adapted thanks to the flexible G-Box. Simply pulling is sufficient to define the optimal installation height. 
The fully assembled G-Box can be installed in the new-build development as shown. The finished connector can be connected directly to the router via a cable system through light-coloured corrugated pipes. 
Hauff-Technik solutions
G-Box with integrated termination point and 6 x LC couplings.
G-Box pylons for marking in the development and for storage of the cable system awaiting installation.
Preparation of fibre-optic connection on the property. No subsequent construction measures necessary for installing fibre-optic building connections.
Products used
G-Box GBT KS 1x10x0,5-3 1xWR set
G-Box DG T 1x0,5-3 1xAP6+KUEB SET
Verwendete Produkte

basic component

Fibre optic handover system

For installation in all common ways (street, pavement area or customer plot).

sealing case

with lid and bushing

For connecting the duct system and for watertight and gastight entry of up to four fibre optic cables.

pylon marker

For storing a cable system

Removable pylon marker for identification during the construction phase. Secure storage location for fibre …