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Rationalisation in fibre optic expansion - with the G-Box

In keeping with the motto "fibre optic expansion rethought", we are rethinking the existing procedures and processes for network expansion and are beginning to streamline the workflows and processes with the G-Box.

Currently, the necessary connection rates are only just being achieved in some expansion areas, and in some cases the low connection rates make development areas uneconomical for large network operators even before the start of construction. Even with very pleasingly high connection rates of over 60%, there are still 30-40% of house connections that are only applied for years after the expansion measure. These "latecomers" cause considerable effort and disproportionately high costs. The necessary re-excavations on the road of a new development area and the associated properties also lead to a lack of understanding on the part of the municipalities and, last but not least, to annoyance on the part of the residents. 
To become faster, simpler and more cost-effective are therefore the three major goals that are being pursued with the 
G-Box are pursuing. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to rethink the conventional approach. 
This is exactly where the new innovative connection concept comes in. The G-Box forms an underground fibre-optic transfer point on private or public land and divides network level 3 into parts 3A and 3B. This new approach helps to optimally use the already limited resources in civil engineering and network construction, to accelerate construction measures and to complete the network construction measure in a plannable manner.